Epik high’s Love Love Love~! It’s a song I really like~ I was so happy that I could collaborate with Epik high oppas in YG family concert!

HARU DARA!! ♡ Our pretty Haru~ with Dara aunty^^

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Every YG Family Concert is just the YG people kareoking their labelmates’ songs on stage


Choo Sarang screencaps in The Return of Superman EP23 (credit: chubly)

My favorite scene is when Sarang sings the ‘Three Bears’ song in a low voice, so funny!

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[GIF] Walking and running

- from Superman EP23


I love you ❤️ Saranghaeyo #사랑해요 #saranghaeyo #iloveyou #choosarang #choosunghoon #추사랑 #추성훈 #choovely #秋小爱


↑ From Superman EP23

My previous sets of GIFs from EP23:

Who wants to eat oranges Walking & Running Mama Shiho’s laughter

*I’m still struggling with ps, so comment/suggestion/feedback on my gifs (or anything else), is very much appreciated! 


I’d rather ship dara with steven yeun than with another idol.

2NE1 is like my own name.

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when your crush is sitting/standing in front of you and your trying your hardest to act cool and normal while sneaking glances at him/her

gif not mine